Pipe Products

Logan Clay makes the most durable pipe you can install. It resists corrosion from more types of aggressive chemicals than any other pipe material.

NO-DIG® Pipe

Trenchless installation with vitrified clay pipe is the most environmentally responsible method of installation, and vitrified clay is a naturally sustainable product.

Masonry Products

Clay masonry products are made from the ultimate green materials: clay and shale, which are entirely natural and in abundant supply.

The Physical Characteristics of Ceramics Do Not Change Over Time. 

Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) is a ceramic.

The physical characteristics of VCP manufactured today will be unchanged 200-years from now. The nature of ceramic material, leak-free joints, modern installation methods, and the ability to support aggressive cleaning methods all ensure that today’s clay pipe will be a community asset for centuries to come.

Standard Submittal Package

The standard submittal package includes dimensions, variance data and allowable deflection for O-Ring, Bell & Spigot pipe designed for open trench installations. For additional information or a submittal package for trenchless installations, please contact our office

For information on the full line of Logan Clay Products, please see our product catalog.

Logan Clay Products has a rich history spanning over 130-years.