Manufacturing Clay Pipe for Over 130 Years

Logan Clay Products has a rich history going back over 130-years. The plant was founded on the current site, close to the raw materials needed to manufacture clay products in 1890. The company has been a key part of the community ever since.

In the late 1940’s the company faced “challenging times” and the then-predominant owners were looking for a buyer. Barton A. Holl, an employee who believed in the quality of the products and knew the importance of the business to the community, purchased their shares in 1950.

Today, his grandson and great-grandson oversee the company together. More importantly, Logan has an exceptional group of employees who strive to manufacture the best sewer pipe available. We are extremely proud of what they have accomplished.

Logan Clay Products Has Been a Mainstay Business of Hocking County for Over 130 Years. 

Video courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

Honoring Our Past – Focusing on the Future

Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) is enjoying a resurgence in traditional, open-cut installations, and our new NO-DIG jacking pipe (designed for trenchless installations) is generating interest across the Country. We continue to invest in our facility and our people and believe in the value of our products.