The Physical Characteristics of VCP Do Not Change Over Time

Locally sourced clays and shales mixed, extruded, and fired to approximately 2000° (F) result in an inert ceramic material. The VCP of the 21st century has exceptional strength, abrasion, and corrosion resistance.  And because it is ceramic, these characteristics don’t change or degrade over time.

This 120-year-old pipe was recovered from downtown Minneapolis, MN when the line was upsized due to growth. After 120 years of service, the actual bearing strength of the pipe was 1,700 lbs/LF (or 42% above the standard that was introduced 21 years after the pipe was installed).

Longevity & Sustainability

A demonstrated service life of over 200 years in the U.S. is the longest proven service life in the industry.

VCP is unaffected by age, light, or chemicals
Other materials may degrade over time and become brittle with age.
As a kiln-fired ceramic, VCP is naturally inert. It does not change over time.